Missing Horse named Pockets - Comanche County, KS, 67155 | NetPosse ID #5079

Missing Horse Near Comanche County, KS, 67155

NetPosse ID #: 5079
Name: Pockets
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: QH Cross
Our grey horse, "Pockets", went missing Saturday, 12 March 2022, sometime before noon.
Pockets was saddled and in the trailer in a pasture and when my husband returned after a short time, Pockets was gone and the trailer door was open.
We have searched for him for days thinking he just got out somehow, but have had no luck so far. At first we didn't think he was stolen because of the area he was in, but are realizing that may be the case.
The saddle is a DW DIXON with a 15" seat.
Pockets is a grey gelding, about 10 years old, approximately 15.2 hh, with small brown "flea bite" spots. His mane is shorter in the middle from rubbing it on a fence and has some scarring which is shown in the photos. He was recovering from an internal injury to his front right leg and was not shod at the time.
If you see this horse or one you think MIGHT be him, please report it or email me at cmarie1123@gmail.com.
If you know where Pockets or our saddle is, please contact us or contact the Comanche County, KS Sheriff's Department.

If anyone has him, PLEASE bring him home. Our 3 year old daughter named him and desperately wants him back where he belongs.
Area Last Seen: Comanche County, KS, 67155
Date Lost: 3/12/2022 12:00:00 PM