Missing Horse named Honey - Elkview , WV, 25071 | NetPosse ID #4893

Missing Horse Near Elkview , WV, 25071

NetPosse ID #: 4893
Name: Honey
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: In pasture with another horse. Checked on her at 9 o’clock pm on 12/20 she was fine. On 12/21 at 6 o’clock am and one mare was at the house she was not. Found prints of bigger mare and only a few of this filly until I seen tire tracks. Fence possibly cut. Black with white star and flex tail. She is L 7 brand on right hip which is hard to see because of winter hair. Will be 2 in the spring. Guessing 14+ hands. S
Area Last Seen: Elkview , WV, 25071
Date Lost: 12/21/2021