Missing Horse named Kaladin - Bonifay, FL, 32425 | NetPosse ID #4617

Missing Horse Near Bonifay, FL, 32425

NetPosse ID #: 4617
Name: Kaladin
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Gypsy
Description: We have property at the top of Bonifay just a few minutes from Esto and Graceville that one of our horses went missing out of. We believe it's very possible he was stolen as there were no breaks in the fence and both of our gates are closed however we do not have solid proof that someone took him. Our other 5 horses are still inside the fence. He just turned a year old in May and is mostly white due to him seriously varnishing out, gets dirty easily, he has a couple sabino markings on him that could possibly help identify him as well as some LP traits. He was in a very large pasture. We moved earlier this year and have been having to travel back and forth between the old and new properties to establish a pasture at the new place for the horses and to continue working on the old place. This past month we have not been able to make as many trips over due to me having been at the end of my pregnancy and the baby being over due, during this time either Kaladin has gotten loose or was stolen however like I said there were no breaks in the fence that I could see and the gates were closed as well as our other horses were still in the fence. We did have neighbors checking in on them but it's a big pasture and we have 6 horses total, two of which could easily be mistaken for him from a distance. The baby is here now and we can resume our weekly visits and start bringing the horses over to the new property as their pasture is ready. Please contact me if you hear of anyone seeing Kaladin or knowing where he is, we do have proof of ownership.

Area Last Seen: Bonifay, FL, 32425
Date Lost: 8/26/2021