Searching For Horse named Chewy - Lula, GA, 30602 | NetPosse ID #4536

Searching For Horse Near Lula, GA, 30602

NetPosse ID #: 4536
Name: Chewy
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa Thoroughbred
Description: I need help locating my Appaloosa geldings that were on a care lease. Chewy is a sorrel Thoroughbred Appaloosa that is 9 years old. They were in Lula Georgia. She was going to do some training with him and utilize him for her lesson program. The place she has been staying has been put up for sale and she has sold off horses and is supposedly moving to Florida. The horses were supposed to have been returned to me if she was no longer using them or could care for them. She will not answer her phone, text, or message. She is a young girl and I am trying to give her an opportunity to return the horses. I want my horses returned. If anyone has seen them or knows their whereabouts please PM me. I so appreciate any help in getting my horses returned.
Area Last Seen: Lula, GA, 30602
Date Last Known: 8/3/2021