Stolen Horse named Gypsy aka Trixie's Baby - Fort Lupton, CO, 80621 | NetPosse ID #4205

Stolen Horse Near Fort Lupton, CO, 80621

NetPosse ID #: 4205
Name: Gypsy aka Trixie's Baby
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Gypsy Cob
Description: We are devastated. It seems that someone has STOLEN our baby Gypsy colt. Please share and be on the lookout. He has very distinct markings and is only days old. He was with mama and fine last night around 10:30pm. Off of CR 18 1/2 north of Fort Lupton CO. Gone this morning and her bag is tight and dripping milk. Brand inspectors and police have been notified. Please contact us with any information!!
Caiti 3037171693 Chad 9703244106
There are baby hoof prints right outside the gate and someone’s footprint that is twice as big as mine. Tracks that look like the backed close to the gate and pulled out. He did not get out or get attacked by a predator. He was taken.
Some have been asking to donate to a reward fund or fund for new baby for Trixie, you can donate to our business Venmo @calvary-cobs for now, we are going to be setting up a page for her if we can, tonight. Thank you so much for the shares and prayers, we are trying to milk Trixie to keep her producing in hopes of her baby coming home ❤️

Area Last Seen: Fort Lupton, CO, 80621
Date Stolen: 4/21/2021