Missing Horse named JUSTA REYCY NURSE aka:Racey - Bend, OR, 97701 | NetPosse ID #4012

Missing Horse Near Bend, OR, 97701

NetPosse ID #: 4012
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Description: STOLEN HORSE FROM EAST OF BEND, OREGON Racey is a beautiful 8 year old Mare and is 14.3 h. She is registered as a grey, however she is more blue grey roan in the winter months. She has a grey mane and a white tail. Racey has a one of a kind personality and loves attention from people. Racey has a indentation along the underside of her neck. She also may have a faint scare on her upper lip and/or a scar on her left eye lid. My American Quarter Horse was taken from a property east of Bend late night on 2/13 or early morning hours on 2/14. On 2/12, I was able to retrieve my horse from the person that had horse to train in Prineville, Oregon. She claimed that I owed her money which I was never billed for and had requested a invoice many times but was refused or denied by the trainer. When I explained that I was uncomfortable with the situation and I was coming to pickup my horse and pay her the money I owed her, the women became angry and very upset, raising her voice at me and yelling. When I did go to get my horse and pay what I owed, the women was denying me my horse and would not allow me to take my Mare. When I was finally able to the take my horse, the women and I ended on very bad terms and she was irrate. That same day, I took my horse to a facility located off Dodds Road in Bend, Oregon. the following evening, late hours, she was stolen.
Area Last Seen: Bend, OR, 97701
Date Lost: 2/14/2021