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NetPosse ID #: 3566
Name: Tell Me More AKA Navy
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: "Tell Me More" / "Navy: Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding, early-to-mid 30's age, White Star on forehead, white crown on back left hoof, sweet disposition. Hunter / jumper but may have downgraded to just flatwork later because of the lameness issues. Has Navicular disease Last seen: 2003/2004, Jacksonville, FL Navy (Tell Me More) was our family horse through my high school years and then my sister kept him while I was out of state at college. He had recurring lameness problems from the Navicular and my parents gave him to a Holistic Horse Healer named Ray T. in Jacksonville, Florida. We heard that shortly thereafter, Ray had sold him to someone else and we completely lost track of him. This would have been 2003/2004-ish. Navy was the most wonderful horse - kind, sweet, playful...he would chase you through the field playing tag like a dog! I am told he did the big A show circuits before coming to us, and my sister and I rode him hunter/jumper, 2’6 and under. I would love to know anything about his life after he left us. He was my "heart horse", and we are now in a position to help him if he needs it. Even if he has passed away or is in a happy comfortable home, it would give me such relief to know about his life since last we parted. Thank you.
Area Last Seen: Jacksonville, FL, 32222
Date Last Known: 6/6/2003