Stolen Horse named Idaho - Shelby, NC, 28150 | NetPosse ID #2513

Stolen Horse Near Shelby, NC, 28150

NetPosse ID #: 2513
Name: Idaho
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Racking Horse
Description: We woke up and looked out in our pasture and notice that Idaho was not there. Later we found the fence had been cut and saw hoof tracks on the dirt road. That was September 26th, 1997, the day our lives changed forever. This is also the day that Stolen Horse International started forming itself as started our journey to find our horse. Fifty-one weeks later we found and brought her home on September 17, 1998. This was a miracle in our lives and for the people who journeyed the year with us. Countless letters have poured in with congratulations. Many of you thought we would never see our horse again. We often had the same thought. One constant remained in our search for Idaho, hope. We always felt that if she had not been slaughtered or put to death somehow, that if we searched long enough she would be found. It would take time and a lot of it. We had people all over the USA, Canada, and some other countries looking for Idaho The question that kept destroying our spirits was wondering if she was alive or not. We could not have kept going if we had not received on the Internet, letters from all over the world...daily. Let me start at the beginning. Click the link below to read the rest of our story and how the theft of this horse has inspired the homecomings of thousands of horses since 1997.
Area Last Seen: Shelby, NC, 28150
Date Stolen: 9/26/1997