Found Labrador Retriever or mix Dog | NetPosse ID #7947

Found Dog Near SHELBY, NC, 28150

NetPosse ID #: 7947
Gender: Female
Species: Dog
Breed: Labrador Retriever or mix
Description: This dog was found recently in Cleveland County, NC's Zion Church / Metcalfe Community. We are looking for an owner. If you have lost a black Lab-type dog or know someone who has, please contact us. We will quickly look for a new owner if we do not find the owner. The owner must describe the dog and prove ownership. Some things are missing in the picture.

I am the founder of Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse, and I am trying my best to help this puppy find her owner, but I have had no luck so far. Now, it is time for me to send her to the wonderful home she deserves. I have been working with her a little and know these things about her.

-She looks like and acts like a full Lab puppy, but as we all know, she could be mixed.
-She has webbed feet
-Is all black.
-She loves a ball and will chase it and bring it back as long as you want to throw it until her puppy body says she is tired.

She is alone out in our dog lot because the other three Labs here are not positively feeling her presence. I can't bring her in, and I suspect she has not stayed outside before due to the beautiful coat and her wanting to get into our house. She is very friendly and loving. I know she is wondering what happened to her life at this moment. If you are interested, let me know. I want to find someone to love her like we love our own Labs if the owner is not found.
Area Found: SHELBY, NC, 28150
Date Found: 11/22/2023