Microchips and Scanners

Microchips and Scanners

134.2 kHz Microchip Replacement Syringe

134.2 kHz Microchip Replacement

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Avid Microchip Kit with Registry for Pet - Avid PETtrac Pre-Paid Registration

134.2 kHz frequency Microchip Kit for Dog/Pet - with AVID Registration

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1 AVID 134.2 kHz Microchip and 1 HorseTrac Registration

For horse owners with 1 horse. Contains everything you need to microchip, registry to protect 1 horse for life.

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134.2 kHz Microchip and Two Registrations for 1 horse - USEF Compliant

134.2 kHz Microchip kit for one horse with TWO national registrations

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5 AVID 134.2 kHz Microchips and 5 Registrations - Meet USEF Requirements

Save money and by buying 134.2 kHz microchip kits in bulk!

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Box of  25 AVID 134.2 kHz Microchips

The Avid Microchip provides permanent, unique identification for companion animals, livestock, and wildlife.

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Avid  MiniTracker III Universal Scanner

The best pocket microchip scanner on the market! It scans all frequencies, including the older 125 kHz, and the newer 134 kHz frequency.

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