AVID 125 Khz Microchip and Two Registrations for 1 horse -US Standard frequency

125 kHz AVID Euro Microchip kit for one horse with TWO national registrations

Price: $40.00
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Microchip for 1 horse with TWO National Registries
(Under 25 horses)

  • 1 Avid Euro microchip preloaded into a sterile, disposable syringe
  • Lifetime EquineChip Ownership Certificate
  • 4 peel and stick labels
  • Easy instructions
  • 1(NIP) NetPosse Identification Program Registration
  • 1 Avid Horsetrac Registration

NOTE: Select for 1-4 horses - see other items for herds of 5 and up in our store under the header, Microchips.


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