The Power of One Horse (Gaited Horse Magazine Article)

The Power of One Horse (Gaited Horse Magazine Article)


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Throughout history there have been horses whose names we still recall as displaying the true heart and spirit of a horse such as General Lee’s Traveller, Battle of Little Bighorn survivor, Comanche, and racing legend, Seabiscuit. And then there is a horse that is not in any current history book; a horse that would not typically be considered a hero or a historical figure, yet she embodies the very essence of what makes the horse such a powerful thing of beauty. 

This horse has never carried a general into a battle, escaped capture on the open plains, or proven herself on a racetrack. However, her story is one that has been told thousands of times in less than a decade. Her story has saved many other horses from an uncertain fate, including death – all because she once grazed quietly in a serene pasture. 

The amazing story of Idaho, a racking horse mare, began unfolding after her theft in 1997 and recovery fifty-one weeks later. But no one, including her owners Debi and Harold Metcalfe, would have ever guessed the impact that she would have on their lives. One day, the Metcalfes were the typical American family with two children and a few pleasure horses. The next, they became caught up on a journey that led to places they never imagined being. The horse they once admired became an icon they would never again underestimate. The Metcalfes have learned the power of one horse. 

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