AVID 125 Khz Microchip and NIPchip with HorseTrac and All Equine ID (NIP) Registrations - 1 horse

Microchip (1 horse) and NIPchip (1 tack) with 2 Registrations

Price: $52.50
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Microchip (1 horse) and NIPchip (1 tack) - $52.50

BOTH Horsetrac and NIP registrations for the horse / NIP registratoin for tack.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Avid Euro 125 kHz microchip preloaded into a sterile, disposable syringe
  • 1(NIP) NetPosse Identification Program Registration
  • 1 Avid Horsetrac Registration
  • Lifetime EquineChip Ownership Certificate
  • 4 peel and stick labels
  • Microchip insertion instructions
  • 1 Non-sterile microchip for saddle
  • 1(NIP) NetPosse Identification Program Registrations for saddle
  • Easy NIPchip instructions 

NIPcode.JPGNIP Note- If you have purchased one of our NIP Registrations, you may start submitting information about your animal right away by logging into your account and clicking on MY NIP Registry. You will come to a section that ask you to pay near the end of the registration process. DO NOT PAY AGAIN! Submit the number listed at the bottom of your invoice to in the special box to finish your registration process.

You may want to consider this protection for your horse, dog, tack, bags and other farm animals. Check out the Farm ID Tag!



SKU: MN-5000

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