Iowa Recorded Livestock Brands Updated 09/07/2018

Iowa Recorded Livestock Brands Updated 09/07/2018


This is a downloadable resource titled Iowa Recorded Livestock Brands Updated 09/07/2018.

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The absence of a brand design from this directory does not mean that it is automatically available for recording. Brands that are not renewed are held in a five-year forfeiture status during which time they are not available for recording by a person other than the former owner unless the former owner agrees to transfer the design.

Each brand record appearing in this directory will include the following information:

Ettleman, William (Bill) J    Name and address of the brand owner
2302 Bluff Road
Thurman, IA 51654
Fremont, Mills                  County (ies) where livestock are kept
12176 RH                        Brand number / Location on animal

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