Morgan Horses, Lacy and Siri Recovered. Stallion Still Missing

Morgan Horses, Lacy and Siri Recovered. Stallion Still Missing

03 March 2023


HAPPY DANCE TIME FOR LACY AND SIRI, RECOVERED AT THE SANCTUARY (IN NAME ONLY) - Two of the three Lippit Morgans on the flyer from Sunray Equine Training and Sanctuary, the very place where Kat Black, aka Kathrin Darlene Boton, told owner Paula Varna, they went missing after a tornado, have been recovered.

Sadly, Ike, the stallion, was not rescued and is still missing. 

According to the McCurtain Gazette in the article below, "Two of the three horses that were the cause of the initial complaint were recovered from Bolton's property in January." Investigator Patrick Blake, a special agent with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, states that the suspect, Kathrin Darlene Bolton, 47, operates Sunray Equine Training and Sanctuary.

Stolen Horse International has been working with the owners and multiple people to find the horses. We are so excited that the two are home, but we want to continue searching for Ike.

Varna sent this message to Stolen Horse International recently.

"Hello, I have some major news on our missing horses. A few weeks ago, our mare and filly were found on Kat's place. Thankfully they were found alive. They're in rough shape. Kat has been under investigation by the state of Oklahoma now for a couple of months. On Tuesday, she was charged with eight felony counts of cruelty to animals. Our stallion remains missing and is assumed to be dead-but we are still looking for him, of course. I am so relieved that it looks like justice will be served. This has been quite an ordeal."

"Blake requested that District Attorney Mark Matloff file 37 counts of cruelty to animals. Eight were filed, one each for seven of the deceased horses and the eighth for the malnourished animals", according to the McCurtain Gazette in this article.

Stolen Horse International would love to hear from other victims involved with Bolton, who also goes by a list of aliases. 

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