Happy Dance Time for Mara Murphy's Mini Donkey

Happy Dance Time for Mara Murphy's Mini Donkey

19 March 2022


Thank you for all of the tags we received for Mara Murphy's mama donkey. We are happy to announce that Mama donkey is home! HAPPY DANCE TIME!

Mara Murphy says this in a Facebook post about finding Mama donkey.

"Mama donkey is home. I'm not sure what happened to her. Somehow she must have opened up the locked shed here and got in. Which is weird. And then open the door again from the inside? Strange. There are other ideas. I'm just grateful she is home. Thank you for everyone's support and prayers. This was a wake-up call in many ways. There are now cameras here, gates with better locks, and a shed door with hopefully a donkey-proof lock. It made me very worried to have her missing; especially when I learned there is a big animal auction in Jackson, MN this weekend. Recommend that everyone who has animals, get cameras. Mine are up now. A blessing of this event is that so many of my friends contacted me with care and support. Thank you."

On March 17th, Mara found her donkey missing and thought it possible she had been stolen.  Here is her Facebook post that prompted our supporters to tag us about the donkey.

"Here is another picture of my donkey that someone stole from my shed over the weekend. Her back has very distinct markings. She is the black and white donkey eating hay. She is currently more fluffy than this photo. She has been with her donkey friends for over 7 yrs and I have no doubt she is scared and very sad to be away from her herd. I live across from Ashley Furniture in Austin MN. If anyone has any info, please contact me or the Mower County Sheriff. Clearly, some people were watching from the parking lot across from me and that is scary. Please help me bring my donkey home. Thank you."

Original post link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10224014135199254&id=117468537
Mara's Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1174685373
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