Alpha Mare Plank Painting by Caroline Guenthner

This is an auction for Alpha Mare Plank Painting by Caroline Guenthner.

#2151 - Alpha Mare Plank Painting by Caroline Guenthner

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Beautiful 3 ft Custom Painted Plank

Your beautiful solid wood, hand painted custom plank is a solid piece of stained wood that is available in in this auction in a 3ft length. 

The winner's plank is the subject of your choice, original, signed, and comes ready to hang with hardware installed. 

Reserve your plank, 3ft size, after you win this auction. The plank will not be ready before Christgmas but would make a nice "gift certificate" for a friend our family member.

The shipping of the plank is not included in this auction,  will depend on the size you choose and will be paid directly to the donor when it is shipped.

Note from Caroline, the artist to the winner of this auction: The current queue for delivery of paintings ordered now is FEBRUARY.  If your order is a Holiday gift, please let me know and I’ll send you a certificate & brochure that the recipient can open on Christmas, showing that their painting is coming!

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