Equine Reflective Collar by EquistriSafe

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#2106 - Equine Reflective Collar by EquistriSafe

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EquestriSafe Equine Reflective collar is made of light weight polypropylene webbing 2" and 3M silver high visibility (hi-viz)reflective fabric, this collar is designed to help people see you coming in the dark, up to a quarter of a mile away; allows vehicle drivers enough time to see you. Our collars are easy to use, yet secure enough not to be lost with safety always on our mind, this collar does the trick; durable and no concern for hair loss or rubbing. 

Perfect for night riding, camping - high lines, shipping, traveling or transporting you horse(s). This collar is also VERY popular with Carriage companies and those who drive horses on country roads (i.e. Amish & Mennonite)or around town, shopping malls etc. This collar is so visible a flashlight will work well for it to be seen.

Choose Sizes After Winning This Auction:
Small 27" - mini's, ponies, foals, small Arabians
Standard 33" - most Standard size horses (including Warmbloods, Holsteins, TB, etc.)
XL/Draft 42" - all draft breeds or large necked draft X's

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