AUCTION - Equine Reflective Legs Band set 2" by EquistriSafe

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#2090 - AUCTION - Equine Reflective Legs Band set 2" by EquistriSafe

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Equine Reflective Leg band set are made with light weight polypropylene webbing 2" and 3M silver highly reflective fabric, this set is designed to help people see you coming in the dark up to a quarter of a mile, giving drivers of vehicles enough time to react. While they are easy to use, yet secure enough not to be lost and an extra secure hooking system so that you come home with your equipment. Non-adjustable, hi-visibility, durable and no concern for hair loss, rubbing or heating up your horses tendons or legs while riding, designed to be worn on the cannon bone above the fetlock joint. Breakaway is approx. 32 - 50 lbs.

Easy to clear, just rinse with a hose & hang to dry. Do not use a washer or dryer with this product.

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Small 7" - mini's, ponies, foals, small Arabians
Standard 10" - All Standard size horses from 13h to 17+h
XL/Draft 14" - All draft & draft X's

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