The Spirit of Dixie Poem

The Spirit of Dixie Poem


by Kayla Pevytoe

I didn’t realize the day I met you, it would be the day that my life would change forever.
The first day I saw you, I saw that sparkle.
We bonded instantly, we became unstoppable.
You showed me, love, you became my treasure,
my love for you, there is no measure.
A dark day came, devastation drowned me.
I ran to you in desperation, miraculously you saved me.
You showed me, love, you sensed my pain.
You were my sunshine after the pouring rain.
My mama's death, you helped me through.
I don’t want to imagine where I’d be if it weren’t for you.
Thanks to you I know I can overcome anything.
You saved my life, you save me indefinitely.
It's all because of you, it’s thanks to the Spirit of Dixie.
Another dark day came, you were taken from me.
How could I go on without you beside me?
I never stopped looking for you, I always said one day I would find you.
Nobody believed me, they said to stop my search for you.
Despite years of disappointment, we beat the odds.
Eight years later came a miracle from God.
The day you were brought back home to me, I saw you in despair.
That sparkle in your eyes was gone, the sight of you I couldn’t bear.
How could you remember me after all these years?
I said your name and saw that sparkle in your eyes reappear.
The neglect you endured was horrendous and severe.
But with a spirit like yours, I’d knew you’d persevere.
Together we can overcome anything, no matter what life may bring.
It’s all because of you, it's thanks to the Spirit of Dixie.


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With the help of Stolen Horse International-NetPosse,
Dixie came home to her previous owner eight years after
they parted.

I was going to copy and paste a poem with this picture but then I decided to write my own. Yes, I know... I have the poem writing skills of a pre-k student so try not to judge me too harshly" -Kayla



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