NR005275 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Contessa,  RECOVERED! 5/11/18 - AL


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Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Millbrook (Elmore County), AL, 36054, USA

I was in the process of purchasing another horse and had discussed possibly trading Contessa as part of the payment towards the new horse. I was originally told she would take $1000 for the new mare but then the price changed to $1500. However, when I made payment and the bill of sale was provided to me it did not mention anything about Contessa. I did not sign or give her any type of exchange or sale slip for Contessa and had even paid for vaccinations and a Coggins for Contessa from their vet on May 25th. At one point, the individual stated she would sale Contessa then give me the money since I was paying her full asking price for the new mare but that changed when the price changed. I believed I was trading Contessa in and the cost would decrease for the new mare. On July 5th, I received a text stating she had sold Contessa to a friend who could train her and was going to use her as a trail horse. I asked several times about purchasing Contessa back and was led on for several days while I was told she was trying to reach the person that bought her. Eventually she told me that the new owner of Contessa did call her and didn’t want to sale. I have also learned that Contessa was taken to auction. I feel very mislead and scammed out of my horse. I have so much guilt over this, I love and miss Contessa. Please help me find her and bring her home!

Equine Recovered
Contessa [RECOVERED] 
Grey/Flea Bitten 
Paso Fino 
12 years 
14.0 hands 
0 lbs 

All Markings
Other Details: Dark grey on muzzle
Very sweet, green at time
Not Broken to Ride

Law Enforcement



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Public Notes

5/11/2018 2:58:00 PM


This week has had lots of ups and downs with regards to Contessa. Saturday we were provided photos of Contessa at an auction in Alabama. When Lisa Stanley contacted the auction, they told her 3 different stories regarding Contessa. She was then provided an individual's information that apparently had purchased her. Initially, it was felt that it was Contessa. However, after additional pics were received it was obvious it was not Contessa. We were all very disappointed and continued the search for Contessa. Lisa finally was given a name to a man in Georgia that had Contessa. She called him and explained what had happened and he sold Contessa back to her! So Lisa and our former volunteer Chelese Beck hooked up the trailer and headed to Georgia. Contessa is on the trailer and they are headed home where she belongs!

Thank you all for helping spread the word!

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