NR002652 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE Remedy, $1000.00 REWARD  - ME


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Incident Details

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Corinth (Penobscot County), ME, , USA

I placed my horse on consignment at a sales barn in Corinth, Maine around the end of June and told the owner of the sales barn that I was asking 800.00 and to notify me prior to selling my horse. I knew these people and trusted them with my horse so no written contract was formed. Around a month ago we started a conversation with the owner of the stable that we were going to pick up Remedy because he had not sold, we were reassured that he was there and out to pasture with some geldings, on 10/16/2015 we contacted them to let them know we were coming to get my horse, they informed us then that he had been shipped to New Holland, along with 29 other horses, two separate loads, one load went to New Holland and they did not disclose where the other one went but they told me that my horse went to New Holland. They did this without my knowledge or my consent and then lied to us about him still being there when they had already shipped him. After a lot of lies and mixed up stories they finally told me that they shipped him on the 19th of September, they sell their horses to a broker who runs them through the auctions, they told me that they put a price of 400.00 on my horse so he would get a rider but that never happened and I was told that he sold for 180.00. All of this without my knowledge or consent.

Little em
White/bay roan 
POA - appaloosa 
6 years 
Current Age:
10 years
15.0 hands 
950 lbs 

All Markings
Other Details: some roaning on his front legs
Halter, Longe Line, Started Under Saddle

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6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

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Stolen Horse International Searching For Alert - Vassalboro Maine - Remedy a.k.a Little em a 6 year old POA gelding was taken to a sale barn to be sold. The owner called the sale barn and was told Little em is still there in the field with other geldings so the sale barn was informed the owner was going to come and get Little em that is when they were told that Little em was taken to New Holland and sold. Please copy and paste into all of your social media pages and lets find Little em. Please click on the link for more details 

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Date of Filing: 10/22/2015 7:24:00 PM