NR002548 - MISSING EQUINE VBF RIver Run aka Finneas, $1000 REWARD-RECOVERED! - MI


Report Information

Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
St Johns (Clinton County), MI, 48879, USA
MISSING NEAR SLEEPY HOLLOW STATE PARK, MI - I believe the fireworks scared him and he escaped out of his pasture by going through the fencing on the back of our property. We had a sighting two days ago (July 4th) from a farmer that had white hair stuck in his barb wire fencing 7 miles away. He could be anywhere by now. We think he is traveling SW from our property but he is a horse, all of that could change. He is gaited and has a long white beautiful mane and tail.
Equine Recovered
Red Chocolate 
Rocky Mountain 
4 years 
Current Age:
8 years
15.0 hands 
1000 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Star, Blaze, Stripe
Other Details: White Mane white Tail
Nervousness , pushy

Rocky Mountain Horse Asso. 

Owner Information

Owner Information

Email Address:
Full Name:
Amy Helgren 
Cellphone / Other:
Saint Johns, MI 48879 

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Updates and News

Mon, July 13 2015

Horse frightened by fireworks found safe and round

Nine days after the 1,000-pound horse burst through his paddock and pasture fencing, Finneas is found.

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

GREAT NEWS!!!!! FInneas has been recovered! Remember those press releases Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka sent to area news meda TV/Radio/Newspaper that obtained all the news coverage? Someone saw one of the news stories, saw a horse and called the owner!!! NETPOSSE WORKS when it comes to getting the word out!!!! However, the owenr could not find the horse in the location. Later the right horse was found in a field not too far away. Thank you all for all you did to share this information. Now enjoy this recovery story!! Click this link to read The Lansing State Journal artcle!

Debi and NetPosse,

We found our horse tonight!! Just got him home at midnight. A neighbor, Mark Martin found him deep in a soybean field. He was out spraying his soybean field when he found him. About a half dozen our neighbors helped us with rounding him up. He was pretty scared because we had to use flash lights to get back to him. It took about an hour of talking to him and circling him, but he finally walked up the fields with us snorting the whole way. He finally relaxed when I cried/sobbed into his neck.

I'm overjoyed and so thankful. Thank you so much for everything you have done to help find Finneas.

We will talk more tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know right away. FOUND!!!!!

With sincere gratitude,

Amy Helgren


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NETPOSSE ALERT NR002548 - MISSING EQUINE VBF RIver Run, aka Finneas - MI: 4 yr-old Red Chocolate Rocky Mountain gelding believed to have run through back fencing after firewworks in Clinton, Victor Township. Please PRINT HIS FLYER from his webpage and post in your community. SHARE this with your friends. He could be anywhere by now. Flyer/Details/Updates:


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Date of Filing: 7/6/2015 5:28:00 AM