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Report Information

Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Mebane (Orange County), NC, 27302, USA
I checked the horses in the morning of August 21st, and found the gate’s chain hanging on the fence. I searched for Penny but she was gone.
Equine Recovered
10 years 
15.0 hands 
1000 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Star, Snip
Other Details: The snip between her nostrils. Her mane is very long. There is black in her tail.
sweet, calm

Owner Information

Owner Information

Email Address:
Full Name:
Bonnie Booker 
Cellphone / Other:
Mebane, NC 27302 

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Updates and News

Mon, June 6 2016

Penny's Story

I went out to feed my Palomino mare, Penny, one morning, and she was gone.

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

Penny was stolen August 21, 2001 from Mebane. Her owner Bonnie, found help on the internet immediately through Debi Metcalfe and Stolen Horse International, to help guide her through her search. Penny was home on August 25, 2001. Here is the first letter accounting what happended to Penny and a thank you to all who helped

Penny has been FOUND and is now home!! She was taken by a woman who must be mentally disturbed. The woman has been in Texas the last 3 years, and just returned to our area. She told the sheriff today that she'd had a horse that looked 'just like Penny' when she left our area. She said she couldn't even remember where she'd left her horse. Clearly, she hadn't been paying board to anyone to keep her! When she saw Penny, she just 'knew' it was her horse, so she simply CAME AND GOT HER. According to the deputy who arrived at the scene, I may not be able to prosecute this woman, if she indeed 'thought Penny was her horse' and meant no criminal intent. I am going to take the matter up with the District Attorney on Monday morning and do everything I can to press charges. Interestingly, I had seen this woman drive onto the farm Monday afternoon. She was driving a small white station wagon with a dog barrier in the back. I had just seen a stray dog near the farm. I thought she may be looking for her dog. As the woman drove out of the farm, I jumped into my truck and chased her down the driveway, but she got away before I could say anything to her. I wanted to tell her about the dog I saw. On the way to get Penny today, I remembered seeing this woman and said to my husband, 'I wonder if she drives a small white station wagon?' Sure enough, there it was in the driveway of the house where we were reunited with Penny.I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to everyone who has been on the lookout for Penny. Friends I have never even met united in an awesome force to help bring my girl home. But, above all, I want to say a very special Thank You to Debi Metcalfe, Idaho's 'Mom', who has been my unfailing source of strength and guidance throughout this awful ordeal. Thanks and brightest blessings to all of you.

Sincerely, Bonnie Booker and Penny

Read Bonnie's story by clicking  on Orange County DA Refuses to Prosecute Horse Theft Case, at the top of the page under Updates and Related Information


Here is Bonnie's letter to everyone on the internet in 2001.

Dear Friends,

I am writing to beg for your help in locating my stolenPalomino mare, Penny. Penny was stolen out of her pasture on  Oak Grove Church Road in Mebane, NC the evening of August 21, 2001. Penny is a beautiful mare, with a kind and gentle disposition and a trusting nature. Penny is the reason I am alive today. The year Penny was born was a traumatic one for me. Blazer, a Quarter Horse gelding who had beenmy companion and confidante for 13 years, had had to be put down due to respiratory failure. Shortly after Blazer’s death,I miscarried my baby. I fell into a deep depression. Nothing in life interested me anymore. Months passed. Then, one afternoon in a store, I heard a woman talking about horses. I drew closer to hear what she was saying. She was talking about the Palomino filly she planned to wean that weekend. Something ‘clicked’ inside me. I mustered up my courage and asked her about her filly, and ended up in tears, telling her about Blazer. The woman kindly invited me over to see the filly. I could hear the sweet sound of horses as we approached thebarn. Suddenly, a little head popped around the door, and I gazed into the two most beautiful eyes I had everseen. The filly approached me fearlessly. I flung my arms around herand cried again. I bought the filly that afternoon, and named her Penny. When I brought her home, I stayed in her stall with her as she cried for her mother. By the end of the weekend, we were bonded. Penny followed me around like a puppy and played with me. I slowly started coming back to life, thanks to this beautiful golden girl. When Penny turned 2, I began to train her. Her great trust in me enabled me to saddle her and get right onto her back. Training was easy. We became partners. We explored the woods, the trails, backroads. Every horizon beckoned tous. As the years passed, we grew closer. Penny was always watching for me and would run away from her pasture mates to greet me whenever she saw me. My old hurts began to heal. I thought life was perfect. Then, one hot August evening, a thief decided to take Penny away from me. We think he may have been watching, waiting for us to leave the barn. He walked into the pasture and led my Penny away. Why? Quick money? Because he coveted my beautiful girl? Was it someone who knew me and sought to tear my heart out? There is no welcoming nicker for me anymore—no sound of hoofbeats racing to the fence to greet me. I can’t stop crying. I know Penny is grieving as much as I am. Please, please, help us get back together.
With sincerest thanks,
Bonnie Booker


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