NR002505 - MISSING EQUINE Magic Patches, FOUND 10-11-2016 - IN


Report Information

Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Nashville (Brown County County), IN, 47448, USA

Horse was lost on the trail still wearing her tack & saddle bags. Somewhere between camp & Story. Please keep an eye out for her. She is 18 years old and was still wearing her tack.

Equine Recovered
Magic Patches [RECOVERED] 
Spotted Saddle 
18 years 
Current Age:
21 years
15.0 hands 
1000 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Blaze
Trail Riding: Recreational

Spotted Saddle Horse 

Owner Information

Owner Information

Email Address:
Full Name:
Randy Grimme 
Cellphone / Other:
Bellwood, IN 46036 

Law Enforcement



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Updates and News

Tue, May 5 2015

Runaway Trail Horse Missing in Brown County State Park

Tuesday, May 5, 2015- Saturday April 25th, a horse is still missing after she ran off on a trail 10 at Brown County State Park between the owner's camp and the small village of Story, IN

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

10/11/2016 - We were contacted by numerous individuals after a bridle was found in Brown County in the woods. Owner was contacted it has confirmed that Magic Patches has been found. No additional information is being released at this time out of respect for the owner. Thank you everyone that reached out and helped with the search.

Please share this social media alert.

Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka Alert for NR002505 - MISSING EQUINE Magic Patches - IN Horse was lost on the trail iin Nashville (Brown County County),still wearing her tack & saddle bags. Click link to print a flyer and for more details.  

Brown County State Park Map


Helpful info from Facebook from Jennifer Barnes

Jennifer Barnes I was in Brown Co on this trail on the 25th. It's a HUGE weekend up there for the Indiana Wine Fair. Many people ride from camp to Story where the wine fair takes place. There are hitching rails at Story, but people will tie up in the trees when the hitching rails get full. It was rainy on that Saturday so not many were riding as in previous years. I was on the trail from about 11:30 - 1, was at Story from 1 - 5, then I was back on the trail from 5 -7. Conservation Officers were on the trail on forur wheelers that evening checking for bridle tags and public intoxication. What I do know is that trail was VERY heavily traveled on the Saturday this horse was lost, conservation officers were in the vicinity, and many people were riding on Sunday because of the beautiful weather. Doubt that horse is lost in the woods anywhere unless the owner tied her up very far off the trail and forgot where the horse was tied. You'd think the horse would make noises when other horses were nearby though.


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