NR001810 - MISSING EQUINE MG Kennebec Kirby - NH



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Report Information

Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Dummer (Coos County), NH, 03588, USA
Kirby - Chestnut Morgan Gelding, 16 hh, missing from caretaker. We had a contract agreement to keep our horse on this property and that he was not to be moved, sold or given away. He was illegally given away this summer but we could not reach the guy who had him, (contact owner for name) to find this out until a month and a half ago, he stopped contacting us back when we checked in on the horse. He claims he gave the horse to a lady named (contact owner for name) in Lancaster NH. We've contacted her and she says she did not take him, but her former boyfriend, (contact owner for name) did. We finally reached the boyfriend and he says he gave him to a horse trader in the St. Johnsbury, VT area who delivered Kirby to a family in the Georgia/St. Albans VT area. Neither of the people who took him will tell us exactly where he is. We strongly believe that he's where they said in VT or he was sent to Canada for slaughter. Please help us find him! If a new family has him, it is not their fault! We just want someone to come forward with the information so we can know what happened and if he is alive. If you don't know where he is but know the people involved, please put pressure on them to do the right thing and tell us what happened to our horse. Thank you so much.
MG Kennebec Kirby 
24 years 
Current Age:
30 years
16.0 hands 
1200 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Stripe
Other Details: He is tall for a morgan and has a very thick neck because he was gelded late.

Owner Information

Owner Information

Email Address:
Full Name:
Jennifer Near 
(603) 630-0299 
Cellphone / Other:
Center Harbor, NH 60614 

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM Missing Horse Alert - New Hampshire:
Kirby – 16 hh Chestnut Morgan Gelding, missing from caretaker June 2012. Owner had contract horse was not to be moved, sold or given away. The caretaker disappeared for a while then finally told owner horse was in Lancaster, NH. That lady says he was either in St. Johnsbury, VT, or Georgia/St. Albans, VT. Latest news as of 1/3/2012 suggests Kirby was sold at the DR Chambers and Sons Auction in Unadilla, New York.

UPDATE 1/3/2013: NEW STATUS to share: We just found at that Kirby went to the DR Chambers and Sons auction in Unadilla, NY please help us find out if he is alive and ok!

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