NR001792 - MISSING EQUINE Regalian - FL


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Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
milton (Santa Rosa County), FL, 32570, USA
Regalian - Chestnut TB Mare (tattoed) - was sent to an individual in Milton, Florida, with the understanding that mare would be in a satellite foster program under a rescue in Georgia. The owner had to reduce the herd due to health reasons, and this was one of the last horses that needed to be placed. It was understood that she would be adopted out with a contract under the GA Rescue, and so there was no reason to be concerned that the mare would be sold or sent to an unsuitable home. Stacy later learned the mare had not been rehomed where she had been told (to a lady in Bonifay, FL - now is told the person is possibly a horse trader) and that the GA Rescue had no knowledge of the horse being in its foster care. A witness has stated the individual in Florida offered her the mare at a price and without a contract, which clearly indicated the mare was being sold for personal profit and not being adopted as agreed. The individual in Milton has a documented history of questionable activity, and NetPosse has another pending report with this person in a similar situation. Stacy is offering a reward for return of the mare and possible finder's fee. If evidence is provided that the mare is in a suitable home, Stacy would consider leaving the mare where she is with an adoption contract as were her original intentions. Individaul in Milton claims no financial gain was made from this mare's transaction.
13 years 
Current Age:
19 years
15.0 hands 
1000 lbs 

All Markings
Permanent ID: Tattoo
Face: Star, Stripe
Details: large irregular star,extending in a point over right eye and connecred wide tapering stripe,becoming line of white hairs on bridege of nose, ending to right between nostrils on top heavily scattered white hairs in face to right of star and stripe Median cowlick above eye level
Other Details: half pastern irrregularly white,loweron outside,chestnut spot on coronet on outside
calm can be nervous in field to new surroundings
Broodmare borke to ride

jockey club 

Owner Information

Owner Information

Email Address:
Full Name:
stacy ferris 
Cellphone / Other:
ocala, FL 34482 
untited states 

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

REWARD INCREASED TO $2,500 for the location of Regalian!*

NETPOSSE NOTE: I have had a direct contact with the lady in Milton, FL, and she has been completely unhelpful in locating any of the horses considered missing under her alleged foster program. We cannot get a straight answer out of this person. She has also admitted to rehoming another horse listed on NetPosse without the owner’s consent while she was leasing that animal. ~ Angela Kirby, NetPosse Exec Coord 12/12/2012

See Chase’s report here (now known as Doc):

UPDATE 12/1/2012 - The lady in Bonifay was contacted and she received Regalian on April 19, along with two other horses (a morgan mare, Babe, and a TB gelding, Tiki). The lady stated that she was told Regalian was a good child's horse ... the mare acts out when first introduced to new pasture and herd. Her behavior was totally unexpected to lady in Bonifay, and she quickly rehomed the mare along with two other horses received at the same time on or about May 1. NOTE: Per one of the foster's persons posts, Tiki was a registered QH mare. We are trying to find out more about Tiki and obtain pictures to help in the search.

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