NR001532 - SEARCHING FOR HORSE HH Majestic Illusion - IA



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Incident Details

Incident Details

Incident Date:
Jefferson (unknown County), IA, 00000, USA
Missing horse. Was sold without papers by a woman I know at an Arabian farm. He was in the Grand Juntion, Iowa area at the time in 2008. Would like to find his current owner to help them get duplicate papers and his history..
HH Majestic Illusion 
Jessy or Gabe
Black/dark bay 
16 years 
Current Age:
23 years
15.2 hands 
1100 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Star
Details: starburst of white hairs from a scar
Other Details: scar on left cheek from injury as a baby
laid back
Hunter Pleasure, low level dressage, drill team, halter horse, pleasure horse


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6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

More background from Linda:

January 31, 2012: I have Jessy’s grandsire that I bought as a year old rescue. He is turning 33 on April 8. Jessy is the ONLY one of my babies that I can’t find. I will never give up until I do find him..

Jessy’s story starts with me. I am his breeder, raised him, had a trainer friend train him as a Hunter Pleasure horse since that was what he preferred to do.. I did Western.

Anyway, I was internet friends with this woman on Dream Horse message board (forum) and had been for a few years.. I sold Jessy to her on payments and there started to be problems between her and I. She ended up paying him off and I put him on the trailer to Trenton, Mo, where she was at the time. At some point, she packed up and moved back to Iowa. The woman and I became estranged and I tried to keep up with Jessy (something I try to do with all of my babies) but she completely cut me off. I found out from one of her daughters that he was sold at auction and his papers were lost in the flood of 2008. He is still registered in her farm name. I have had two animal communicators in contact with Jessy and was told that he was somewhere in Ok in a dressage barn and they think he’s a Warmblood cross. What I’m trying to do is make sure he’s ok (both communicators say he is and the two ladies don’t know each other or that I’m talking to them both) and let them know that he was successfully shown and is a registered Half Arabian and well-bred on his Arabian side. His mother was one of my rescues. I sold him to this woman in 2006..

I would just like to know where he is, that he’s well cared for a loved and that he has a very good history. And maybe put them in touch with this woman (she’s on Facebook) and see if she’ll sign for duplicate papers for him.

You have done an awesome job! Thank you again for helping any way you can. ALL I want is to know where he is and that he’s cared for and I would take him back if needed.


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Date of Filing: 1/31/2012 7:53:00 PM