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Incident Details

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Alex City (Tallapoosa County), AL, 35085, USA
In March of 1982, my family donated Major and two registered appaloosas to the Girls Ranch in Tallapoosa County, Ala. We were told they'd receive additional training, and that we'd have first option to get them back. Neither were true. The filly died shortly thereafter, and the mare and Major were sold to a horse dealer. I located the mare in Equality, Ala. A nice older man had bought her, but she was in bad shape. When I called & asked the dealer about Major, he didn't remember him. I don't believe that. My worst fear is that Major died at his barn (which I'd heard was really awful) or he was shipped to slaughter. I want to find out what happened to him, as I don't expect him to now be alive. If he is, however, I want to know he is in a good home or buy him back so he can live out his years with me as I once promised him.
Major's Pride 
36 years 
Current Age:
42 years
13.2 hands 
800 lbs 

All Markings
Face: Star, Eye Mottling, Lip Mottling
Details: Large white spot on left side of neck
Other Details: Major only grew to be about the size of a POA as his dam was a pony and his sire was a regular appaloosa horse. , Slim built, light mane and tail , mane sticks up , tail drags the ground , in 1982 a large white spot appeared on left side of his neck - more may have appeared since then.
green broke

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Public Notes

6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

Deja vu ... This same situation with the same youth ranch has happened again ... 30 years later! Be very careful to whom you donate or allow your horse to be used by ... Be sure they have the horse's best interest at heart and clearly understand the terms and conditions when they take possession! William is missing and believed to be in Florence, AL:

From Angela (April 10, 2013): I do not necessarily believe Major is alive. He could be at 36, but it isn't likely. I need to know what happened to him. He was bought by a dealer in Alex City, but that man says he doesn't remember him. I don't believe him because he remembered every other horse, including the App Mare that was in horrible shape when she was purchased from him.

I still believe that if the dealer sold him to an individual, he would have stayed in that area. Hopefully, someone recognizes him and lets me know what happened to Major.


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