Hilltown PA Police - Rescue Horse from Fire

Hilltown PA Police - Rescue Horse from Fire

30 July 2020

HILLTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Heavy smoke was billowing from a large barn and flames were showing as Hilltown police arrived at Red Wing Farm around 10:38 July 23, 2020.  A body cam video shows two police officers and a woman at a farm running into a burning barn to rescue a frightened horse from a fire at a Pennsylvania farm in Bucks County. 

At a time when so many great officers are suffering the consequences of what a few bad ones do, this is a reminder of how our first responders put their own lives on the line for people and animals. 

Without hesitation, officers Matthew Reiss and Kristian Hanus, who told a new report that they had no experience with horses, went into the barn with and worked to coax the stubborn and scared horse named Phoebe to safety. 

Phoebe was terrified and would not come out of her stall. Lena Obernesser, an instructor at the farm removed her shirt to cover Phoebe's eyes, pushed her from behind while the officers were using a rope to pull her out of the barn. 

Eric Hayes, a family friend, got most of the other horses out of the barn and is now recovering from second and third-degree burns. 

The Bucks County Fire Marshal’s Office and Hilltown Police are still investigating the cause of the fire.