Alabama Vet Student Leaves Horse Victims In Her Wake Across NC GA AL and VA

Alabama Vet Student Leaves Horse Victims In Her Wake Across NC GA AL and VA

04 March 2018

All of the horses in this video have two things in common. Their owners all had circumstances change in their lives and their horses were all given in good faith to one woman in Alabama. Perhaps you know her?

This young Tuskegee University vet student promised they'd be in retirement homes, companion animals for her barrel horse or she train them and and use them for her personal trail horses. She lied.

Not once did she tell anyone that she was going to sale them and take them to horse auctions. If she had none of the owners would have let her have their horses.

We know it has been a very long time since this con was pulled on the unsuspecting owners. We know the odds are stacked against finding these horses. We have found a couple horses that were sold to horse owners by this woman. Perhaps there are more. Maybe you have one of them right now?

We never give up on HOPE. And with your help we hope we will help make this woman pay for all the heartache and pain she has brought to so many, both horse and human.

Have you seen any of these horses? Are you a victim too? If so, contact Stolen Horse International via our website, or our Facebook page, Stolen Horse International, Inc., aka

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