NetPosse Missing Horse Story - Dream, the Horse in the Hole

NetPosse Missing Horse Story - Dream, the Horse in the Hole

23 July 2017

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Dream and her owner Margaret share a moment 
together after the her rescue.

WALLONIA, KY (NetPosse) -- Here at Stolen Horse International, aka, we see crazy places horses where horses disappear. It seems horses can find all kind of disasters other than the ones created by Mother Nature.

We seen them in wells, ditches, mud pits, holes, up on top of hay stacks, swimming pools, utility sheds and more. 

Not all have happy endings so we celebrate in this story with Dream's owners. 

Dream, a kill pen rescue, disappeared sometime after 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday July 18, 2017 in Trigg County, Kentucky. She was found after 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday after being found in a sink hole. She was rescued by caring neighbors who were able to pull the horse from the hole with a backhoe. 

According to the owner, Margaret Rogers, the horse is going to be okay and only has minor cuts and brusing. 

After surviving a kill pen and the sink hole, we hope the rest of her life is what dreams are made of for this miracle horse. 


HAYDEN ROGER'S FULL STORY- This horse is a 2-3 year old filly that came from a kill pen-hidden in the dark, white tag, ran through sale at dawn- kill pen. She was being quarantined for two weeks (which is up today.) It started out as us not seeing her Wednesday morning. We drove all around looking for holes in the fence or looking for evidence that she had tracked through the crops surrounding her field. There was none so we assumed she had been stolen or purposely let out. After having no luck on RTV's, we got on horse back to search. After searching all around, with no luck, we decided to check her field one last time. The horse I was riding has an extremely buddy sour pasture buddy who went crazy once her boyfriend was in sight. She was causing a science at the barn and we heard a faint nicker. It seemed so close. I rode back out of her field to ride the edge of the corn. I found nothing. Shortly after, my mom and sister who were still in her field heard a louder nicker. My sister got off to walk the fence row on foot and looked down to see Dreamer's precious nose. The opening to the hole was tiny. It was covered with wintercreeper before she fell in. We assume she sat down to roll and put her butt right on it, causing her to fall in. Underneath the tiny opening was an underground cave (or very large hole) where she had enough room to be standing. Due to it being a large hole, we were able to dig her out from the side she was not standing on. She stood calmly while being dug out after getting a few nibbles of sweet feed and some water. She walked out sound with a few scratches and scrapes that are being properly treated. I'm going to post some pictures and some more videos for everyone who's curious.


Walk over the entire pasture and check for anything that could harm your horses. Watch for the following:

  • Glass
  • Ragwort
  • Barbed wire
  • Wood with splinters and nails
  • Metal
  • Holes
  • Plastic bags
Make sure you fill in holes and tamp the dirt down to make sure it is packed tightly.

*Stolen Horse International was not involved in this case. We saw the story in social media and wanted to spread this happy story to inspire hope for our victims and followers. There are miracles and happy endings out there. Sometimes it is quick and sometimes it takes time. We never give up hope.

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