A Tribute to Rogue, lost in Hurricane Ian

A Tribute to Rogue, lost in Hurricane Ian

19 October 2022

The hurricane was brutal. When it was over Rogue was nowhere to be seen. He didn't make it. RIP in Rogue, lost forever in Fort Myers, Florida.

It is hard to know what to say when one of our victims loses a horse. Sometimes horses are with us for decades and live to a ripe old age. Sometimes they are taken from us in a blink of an eye and are missing because they are stolen, run away, or involved in a civil situation. Sometimes disaster strikes and sweeps away a horse we just touched moments before.

A horse was missing in Fort Myers after Hurricane Ian. Rogue was gone. Stolen Horse International, Mallory's friends, and total strangers stepped up to help find Rogue.

Mallory found Duke, but not as any of us had hoped. Join us in this video tribute for Rogue, his owner Mallory, and all who loved him. (Turn on the sound)

Images provided by Mallory Wheeler, Coleen Tomlinson, Deborah Hluchanyk, and Alysia Velazquez. Gustavo supplies the music cover.
Video story and editing by Debi Metcalfe
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