Horses In Heaven - Now Angels Ride

Horses In Heaven - Now Angels Ride

21 January 2022

Your horse may have been part of your life for decades, and the death of your beloved animal may be the most difficult thing you have ever experienced.

When a horse dies, it can be as traumatic for the owner as losing a best friend or family member. It is something no one wants to think about, but every owner experiences. The pain of losing a beloved horse even though you knew this day was coming.

They are part of our family, and it is not only a horse we need to live without, it's a bond full of patience, reliability, comfort, and trust.

The weight of one's grief can seem too heavy to stand, especially right after the loss. Even then, we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The day will come when you can look back on the memories of your horse with a smile on your face, warmth in your heart, free of pain.

We hope this short video helps you along the way in your journey as you grieve over the loss of your horse. Please know that you are not alone. Others mourn deeply for the loss of their horse friends too.

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