Debi Metcalfe Discusses Stolen Horses with Wendy Murdoch

Debi Metcalfe Discusses Stolen Horses with Wendy Murdoch

31 July 2021

Enjoy this Webinar with Wendy's podcast with Wendy Murdoch, creator of the Sure Foot Equine Stability Program, as she interviews Stolen Hores International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equines' founder, Debi Metcalfe. You will meet our founder and hear how this organization started with the theft of her husband Harold's horse, Idaho, information about horse theft, equine ID, and more.

And, thank you Wendy Murdoch for having Debi on your program. 


Stolen Horse International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) an all-volunteer-run nonprofit organization, also known as, was started by Harold and Debi Metcalfe in 1997 after the theft of their horse Idaho.

Although they never envisioned where they would be decades later, their leadership, inventiveness, and admirable contribution toward positive changes in the equine industry, these visionaries have filled a gap in the equine industry worldwide and are true pioneers.

Read more about a few of the many accomplishments achieved on behalf of Stolen Horse International, also known as NetPosse, through Debi Metcalfe, from inspirational speaker to writer, clinician, author to radio and TV show guest. Here is the link for this information.

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Wendy Murdoch is an internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician for over 30 years, author of several books and DVDs, and creator of Ride Like A Natural® and the SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program. She is one of the most skillful teachers ever encountered in any equestrian discipline. Wendy’s desire to understand the function of both horse and human, curiosity, and love of teaching capitalizes on the most current learning theories in order to show riders how to exceed their own expectations. 

And, thank you Wendy Murdoch for having Debi on your program, Webinars With Wendy.
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