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Sun, April 7 2019

Check out the Stolen Horse International Videos on our Facebook Page

Check out the videos on our Facebook page, Stolen Horse

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Sun, April 7 2019


Stolen and Missing Horse Search Guidelines and Tips from Stolen Horse

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Wed, April 3 2019

Video for Stolen Horse International Volunteers and Donors - Your Matter!

Our volunteers and donors are the heart of our work at Stolen Horse International.

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Fri, November 30 2018

Five Dollars Makes A Difference

Can just $5 dollars make a difference to this charity? You betch it can!

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Sun, September 9 2018

Disaster Season - Plan Ahead of the Storm

Disaster planning helps keep horses home.

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Thu, May 24 2018

On this day, May 24th, these horses became missing horses. Have you seen them?

Have you seen these horses who went missing on May 24th?

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Sun, March 4 2018

Alabama Vet Student Leaves Horse Victims In Her Wake Across NC GA AL and VA

Before you let your horse leave home, watch this video. Do they really go to forever homes?

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Sat, February 3 2018

It Had To Be You Ariel A 12 Year Journey to Recovery

One of our favorite recoveries has to be Ariel's story. It is a happy ending story not to be forgotten.

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Tue, January 9 2018

How To See NetPosse Alerts Report Details

What kind of info will you find in NetPosse reports. Find out here.

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