Searching For Horse named Hawkeye - Fallon, NV, 89406 | NetPosse ID #8303

Searching For Horse Near Fallon, NV, 89406

NetPosse ID #: 8303
Name: Hawkeye
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian
Description: I won't stop looking for my boy, Hawkeye!!! He was in my family for 11 years!! He was taken from AZ and Sold in Fallon, NV, a year and a half ago without permission. I trusted them to care for him while I was doing hospice nursing for two friends who were dying of cancer. I got cardiomyopathy because of it. I was was very sick. Friends came and packed me in storage and took me with them. Sorry, that's the only pic I was able to grab. He's a 15-year-old unregistered bay Arabian gelding. Both hind and left front sock ,small star and snip. I Miss and love him so much!!!!! Buyer unaware of no legal bill of sale. Will reimburse buyer!!!

It took me months to hunt them down. By the time I found them in Fallon, NV, they told the livestock officers they had sold him and that I had given him to them, which was a lie. they had no bill of sale. I sent a copy of my bill of sale I had when I rescued him at two. the livestock officers said he'd research it but never heard from him. I reported it to the sheriff there and in AZ. never heard from anyone. I called multiple times!!! Friends helped get me on public media. I only have one pic because when I got sick, I had friends come pack me in storage and take me with them. CAN you help me???
Area Last Seen: Fallon, NV, 89406
Date Last Known: 6/17/2024 11:18:00 AM