Missing Horse named Cowboy - Tuttle, Ok, 73089 | NetPosse ID #8293

Missing Horse Near Tuttle, Ok, 73089

NetPosse ID #: 8293
Name: Cowboy
Gender: Stud
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint markings on mini horse
Description: He went missing on Monday evening or early Tuesday morning from his paddock. The gate to his pasture was pushed open, and he had to go through the main pasture to get out. We have no idea how he did that. I couldn't find any tracks or see where he got out of the pasture, but maybe he crawled underneath the fence. There has been no sign of him anywhere in a populated area with houses all around me, and on two sides of me are major highways. None of the residents found any sight of him. I drove around for two days looking for him and covered many miles. I called law enforcement, animal control, the fire department, the postal carrier, local businesses, and the garbage man to ask them to keep an eye out for him. He got out a week or two earlier, but that time, we saw hoofprints, and he was spotted by neighbors immediately. No one has seen him this time, so I'd like to know if someone helped him out, has him, does not know who to call, or if he was stolen. Like I said, this time he 'Poofed" away.
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Area Last Seen: Tuttle, Ok, 73089
Date Lost: 6/10/2024