Searching For Horse named Dixey aka Double Moon Express - Lake Wales, FL, 33898-7305 | NetPosse ID #8269

Searching For Horse Near Lake Wales, FL, 33898-7305

NetPosse ID #: 8269
Name: Dixey aka Double Moon Express
Gender: Male Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint /Pinto
Description: HAVE YOU SEEN ME?
This is Dixey, 14.3 hand sorrel tovero STALLION His RIGHT eye is Blue . He is APHA registered and is a breeding sire. He is microchipped. He was taken to Okeechobee Florida by a friend of mine to learn how to work cattle on a cattle ranch. I was recovering from breaking my leg in three places and had to spend many months in a wheelchair. I needed the help and thought it would be a good experience for him. When i was on my feet again , I made multiple inquiries as to when to expect Dixey home. He said he'd call his son and have him bring him back. And then friend passed away.
Inquiries to his family have been unanswered and my messages have been read but ignored. I trusted my friend and riding buddy and only met his sons briefly. I miss my friend ....but I miss my horse even more. I wanted what was best for Dixey, he's incredible, well bred and mannered... I sincerely hope he turned into an amazing cutting horse with a happy life with lots of foals out there..... I also fear the worst .The " what ifs" get worse as time goes by, nightmares of rodeo broncs auctions and kill pens and all the horrors that horse owners fear could happen.

I HAVE to find him. I am his LEGAL OWNER and it is my right, my responsibility, to know where HE is. I don't wish to send in the law and spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to find out that he's loved and happy with these people. Let me know he's cared for and healthy and ok ! Keeping someone's property is still theft. However The sheriff says this a civil matter and I don't want to put anyone in jail. I'm not a drama person. I also don't want to get myself shot when I show up on their doorstep. If they wanted to keep him, they should have contacted me and done things the right way. I've been patient I've been polite, been taken advantage of, deprived of what is legally and lawfully mine. It's taken a long time to find out where he might be .The heartbreak doesn't just go away. It's also taken courage to share this with you and put this out there. I know someone reading this will recognize Dixey. Please share his picture and this post. A reward for information that results in locating Dixey will be provided.
Double Moon Express was taken from Lake Wales to Okeechobee to a cattle and horse ranch and I never saw him again. The people who have him know I'm LOOKING for him . Thank you for your time.
*Dixey was not for sale. This was not a lease. He was not given away or rehomed. I have his papers and chip in my name. The sheriff says due to him being taken out of county and no confirmation of his location there is nothing they can do and out of their jurisdiction.

Area Last Seen: Lake Wales, FL, 33898-7305
Date Last Known: 5/28/2024 5:03:00 PM