Searching For Horse named Sassy (Shawnee Tuff Lady) - Greenville, FL, 32331 | NetPosse ID #8249

Searching For Horse Near Greenville, FL, 32331

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NetPosse ID #: 8249
Name: Sassy (Shawnee Tuff Lady)
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint on registration (Quarter Horse resemblance)
Description: My childhood horse of 10 years was donated to a barn when I went to college. My mother was promised that she would have a forever home here in retirement but, after she was dropped off, they rehomed her without notifying us and are refusing to share any form of information on her whereabouts. They failed to provide us with a donation receipt or guarantee our horses safety. They had no empathy for our family or my horse Sassy.
She would look a couple years older than these pictures. I am just praying she is safe and that one of you have seen her at a stable in the past 2 years. Last seen in Madison County.
She has one blue eye and one brown! Please provide any information you can share if you’ve seen her. Thank you for you help, it means the world.
Area Last Seen: Greenville, FL, 32331
Date Last Known: 5/21/2024