Searching For Horse named Regal - Boone, NC, 28607 | NetPosse ID #8210

Searching For Horse Near Boone, NC, 28607

NetPosse ID #: 8210
Name: Regal
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Breed: Fresian
Description: I am 1/2 owner of this beautiful black half Fresian/half Percheron, and I have all proofs of purchase and of 1/2 payment of all costs of ownership. Unfortunately, I had to start eviction proceedings against my tenant, the other 1/2 owner. While the matter was under appeal, and without my knowledge, she put Regal up for sale on facebook, and Regal is no longer at the property. The tenant and her family apparently moved out. On social media, one of her daughters wrote that they gave two of the horses to a rescue. The other horse is a Wild Mustang, that I own and have the bill of sale for, and who I named Cherokee. But, to date, no local rescues know of their whereabouts. The eviction proceeding was filed in Watauga County, NC at file number: 24 CVM 66.
Area Last Seen: Boone, NC, 28607
Date Last Known: 5/1/2024