Searching For Horse named Baby - Ohio county , Ky, 42347 | NetPosse ID #8167

Searching For Horse Near Ohio county , Ky, 42347

NetPosse ID #: 8167
Name: Baby
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint American saddle breed
Description: This is a complicated case. Animal Control picked up our horses with a seizure warrant. Once that happened, they claimed we did not meet the standards of care, like food and clean water and the condition of the horses, so they kept our horses. We obtained an attorney and went to court. The case was heard, and the horses were to be given back to us. According to the AC spokesperson, dogs chased the horses and they got out of their fence. We were able to find two of them, but never Baby. Baby is 17 years old this year, has 15 hands, and is missing her right eye.
Area Last Seen: Ohio county , Ky, 42347
Date Last Known: 2/9/2024