Searching For Horse named Desi - Hesperia, CA, 92345 | NetPosse ID #8152

Searching For Horse Near Hesperia, CA, 92345

REWARD $500.00

NetPosse ID #: 8152
Name: Desi
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: THIS IS NOT A STOLEN HORSE REPORT. After a 40-year hiatus from the horse world, I bought Desi in March of 2021 from a man in Apple Valley, CA and owned her for approximately 6 months. She was green and I was greener and the man from whom I bought her suggested I trade her back to him for a rideable, trained horse - for the safety of us both. As a consequence, Desi was sold back to that man in Apple Valley, CA in September 2021 as I was unable to financially support two horses at the time. I ended up moving away from his ranch in April of 2022. I was informed a short time later that he sent her to an auction house in Mira Loma, CA in May of 2022. Desi was purchased at auction by a woman in Lake Perris, CA who I was able to locate. I purchased Desi back from the auction winner also in May of 2022 and had her picked up by a horse rescue organization who was then in Phelan, CA but has since relocated to Hesperia, CA. Donations were made by family and friends to this rescue on an ongoing basis for Desi's care and it was promised she would remain there for life. In approximately October of 2022 I was alerted that Desi was no longer with the rescue organization. I reached out to the organization who stated she was adopted out to someone in Lake Elsinore, CA however they would not divulge actual location. This information is highly suspect but worth considering. This organization is known to send horses to auction often, most notably in Mira Loma, CA. This horse could be anywhere.

Desi is tall, though I do not have exact measurements. She is a chestnut mare with old injuries on her front left leg and her left nostril. She is approximately 10 years old as of this writing. She has white on her front left and a distinctive white blaze on her face. She is highly anxious and often panics when tied.

My intention is to find safe landing for this horse if she is currently in need. If she is happy, healthy and in her forever home, I do not wish to remove her - only verify this is so.

Reward offered for information leading to the verifiable location of this horse.
Area Last Seen: Hesperia, CA, 92345
Date Last Known: 10/1/2022