Missing Horse named Tinkerbell's Baby - Decaturville, TN, 38329 | NetPosse ID #8134

Missing Horse Near Decaturville, TN, 38329

NetPosse ID #: 8134
Name: Tinkerbell's Baby
Gender: Filly
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Saturday was the first day I noticed Tinkerbell walking in the pasture without her filly foal this week... I'm not saying that I have seen them every day this week... but I've seen them several... And immediately after witnessing it... I knew something wasn't right, which led to me searching the entire property... both my land... and the adjacent land Chris's portion... so I searched the whole pasture... I searched all the ditches and standing water and ran the fence line surrounding the property at 1075 Roach Rd!!! I found no sign of her... injured, deceased, or even just off our property. This filly is the only foal born this year (so far) accepting and appreciative of a human touch. After I saw no buzzards, found no foal, or even a body of a foal ... and I even had dogs accompany me as I searched everywhere, and not a single one of them ever caught a scent of anything unusual.

All of these things have led me to believe that someone has physically taken her. And, knowing the filly since birth... that wouldn't be too hard to accomplish since she's so human accepting!!! Also, I don't currently have locked gates to the property or pasture... and since suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2018, I may not be quite as aware of things as I once was.

Anyway, I'd appreciate people looking for her. Please notify me if you see Tinkerbell's filly anywhere. I'd be especially happy if you could say where you've seen her... and if possible... who has her!!! I pray that whoever abducted her realizes that she still needs milk and that they are regularly providing some to her... And just so you know... anyone who leads to her safely being returned to me and my mare Tinkerbell, if that person/persons so desires, I shall give them a free Quarter Horse as a thank you for leading to the recovery of the filly... and the thank you may even end up being a pregnant mare or even a mare and foal combo... That'll all be decided after the safe return of Tinkerbell's filly and discussions with the person/persons who led to her recovery!!!

Thank you!!!
Area Last Seen: Decaturville, TN, 38329
Date Lost: 3/30/2024 10:44:00 PM