Missing Horse named Elfie - Lakeview , MI, 48850 | NetPosse ID #8126

Missing Horse Near Lakeview , MI, 48850

NetPosse ID #: 8126
Name: Elfie
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Percheron Cross
Description: Elfie is an 18-20 year old black Percheron cross. He is 16 hands tall and has a small white star on his forehead that his forelock covers. He also has patches of hair regrowth around his left eye, around his ears, on top of his head, and his left front shoulder. Elfie has a sore on both sides of his mouth from a bit and rubs on his back from a harness. He was not in the pasture in the morning. Please download, print, and post our flyer at all horse sales. Share his alert on social media.

Area Last Seen: Lakeview , MI, 48850
Date Lost: 3/18/2024