Missing Horse named Aragon aka Ari - Harper, WV, 26807 | NetPosse ID #8116

Missing Horse Near Harper, WV, 26807

NetPosse ID #: 8116
Name: Aragon aka Ari
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Description: Ari was last seen on the Greenbrier River Trail near mm 5.8. near White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The owner was thrown, and Ari was taken to a nearby house in Harper for safekeeping. Later, Ari disappeared from the pasture, the gate left wide open. We do not know what happened, but he is missing. You can see the fencing and how the gate is left open. Did Ari do that or did he have help?

He is a palomino, and I think they changed his halter from the bright yellow reflective one on him. I think William said it was brown now. I am not sure; earlier this week, I was very foggy about what was said to me. For anyone who is local and can look for him, this is one of the best recent pictures I have of him. He will have no tack-on.

From the owner's post on 3/24/24:
I have asked the horse transport person who moved Ari how much it would cost to move my girls to the trailhead.
It is only a contingency plan in case the worst happens. He hasn’t been found yet and no one is telling me anything. William cannot get in touch with anyone to help because it is the weekend. I keep getting warnings from the doctor and more meds because of stress.
I need, need, NEED my two beautiful girls with me.
I need William both with me and looking for Ari.
I need Ari found.
A troll from last year found me in a group and raked me over the coals for taking Ari on a new trail and getting hurt. Because apparently horse owners only take horses on well known places that the horse is familiar with. Never, ever new trails.
That must be so boring to not explore and experience new places. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t a past troll who actively tried to get Willow and Dreamer taken from my possession. (Sorry but well cared for horses with bills of sale are not removed on the word of someone who has never met the horses. However, their public appearances, even pictures, are drastically different now)
It has been two days and still no word about Ari. William is talking about the much-needed third horse and getting another one. I can’t, I just can’t. Ari has that job.
I’m so helpless right now. I tried to get up on my own yesterday and now I have the “Bad-Girl” alarm on my bed. My thinking was that just a week ago I walked several miles with my gelding so I could get to the toilet, right?
I fell.
How can I go look for Ari if I cannot get three feet to the toilet? I cried about that. I pray none of you know this horrible limbo that I am going through right now. I need to get well and get back on the road, and I need to find my horse.
Ari being gone is something I will never get over. Not even if he is found. I am thinking about him constantly, I want to leave here AMA but William will not hear of it (I have to be able to walk), I am haunting lost horse pages (not only Facebook). I am not calling anyone myself because my speech has been slurred, I sound bad, and I am hard to understand at times. I would be assumed drunk and Ari’s life is literally in danger.
Head injuries are not a joke.
I am so far away from him and stuck in this bed. All I can do is pray and hope
Area Last Seen: Harper, WV, 26807
Date Lost: 3/22/2024