Missing Horse named Booker - Anderson, CA, 96007 | NetPosse ID #8063

Missing Horse Near Anderson, CA, 96007

NetPosse ID #: 8063
Name: Booker
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: Horse was taken by a person that promised us a forever home with him and his wife. That he would not sell him and that he would be used lightly as a trail horse. He said he was not a horse trader and didn't sell horses. He gave us a false reference then he put the horse up for sale in within days of him getting him. We sued him and won but the horses were gone. There is a restraining order on them too and he still supposedly sold them at an auction. We don't know where. Maybe Fallon, NV or Mike's in L. A. area. The neighbor told us the horse was gone. We are in an appeal with him now. But we do have the restraining order protecting him.
Area Last Seen: Anderson, CA, 96007
Date Lost: 12/20/2023