Searching For Horse named Ollie (Good Therapys Best) - Brentwood, CA, 94513 | NetPosse ID #8058

Searching For Horse Near Brentwood, CA, 94513

NetPosse ID #: 8058
Name: Ollie (Good Therapys Best)
Gender: gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: I know this is a long shot, but I’m looking for this gelding. AQHA registration shows he is still registered to me. His name is Good Therapys Best; we called him Ollie. He was foaled in January 2008, so he’d be 16 now.
I bought him with a partner in San Diego in July 2010.
Ollie was such a sweet horse on the ground, but once under saddle, he wouldn’t quit bucking (and he had a crazy mean buck), and at the time I wasn’t able to give him a home as a pasture horse which is regrettable. I agreed with my business partner at the time to send him to a cowboy named John Holman up near Stockton, CA, in June 2012. I truly thought I could handle making this decision, but it has weighed heavily on my heart over the years.
Sometime in 2018 I reached out to Mr. Holman to find out if he still had him. He didn’t, and he told me that because the horse wouldn't quit bucking, he gave/sold him (not sure which) to a rodeo outfit, but he couldn’t recall the name of the outfit and he didn’t know if they were still in business. I wish my circumstances had been different at the time, and I’m really hoping this horse is living his best life. I would really like to know if he’s ok and where he is. If he ever needs a good home, I will gladly take him in.
These are the only photos I have of him. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Area Last Seen: Brentwood, CA, 94513
Date Last Known: 6/1/2012