Searching For Horse named Star - Montgomery, IN, 47558 | NetPosse ID #8052

Searching For Horse Near Montgomery, IN, 47558

NetPosse ID #: 8052
Name: Star
Gender: F
Species: Horse
Breed: Half Arabian/half Shetland pony
Description: Her name is Star and she's 25yrs old.
She's brown with white socks, dark brown/black mane and tail, has a white star on her forehead, and a very distinct white horsehead on her rump.

My parents brought Star home in 2004 when Elizabeth was 2, and she's lived on their farm for the last 19yrs. They made the decision this past summer to retire from raising horses, and Star was rehomed to a family with kids.

We'd have not known anything was amiss, but Elizabeth realized she forgot to cut mane and tail hair from Star before saying goodbye, something that has been difficult to "just let go".

After contacting the first family located in southern Indiana, I believe Montgomery area, we discovered things didn't work out, and that Star was given to a neighbor, who not long after that, that neighbor then gave her to a friend who took her to Kentucky.

Star has been given away at least 3 times since that we know of... and we have lost track of her, and are praying this works.

We thought she'd be living out her life happily on a nice farm with kids, and that has not happened.

She's too old, to be through so many families, she has to be beyond hurt, confused and scared.

I've included pictures. She has a distinct white horse head marking on back end at the tail.

Please email me at or respond through Facebook messenger.

Like I said, her last known whereabouts is northern Kentucky, so please, please keep sharing.

We understand this is a long shot. We want her back, or at least see her again if she's found a forever loving home.

If she's since died..please let us know too. My daughter needs to know where and what happened to her pony.

Thank you
Area Last Seen: Montgomery, IN, 47558
Date Last Known: 7/25/2023