Horse Cruelty on Several animals - Lubbock, TX, 79416 | NetPosse ID #8044

Horse Cruelty Near Lubbock, TX, 79416

NetPosse ID #: 8044
Name: Several animals
Gender: F
Species: Horse
Breed: QH
Description: I worked for this training barn located in Lubbock, TX for a little under 6 months, and upon my time with them I saw countless acts of horse abuse, neglect, as well as dangerous acts to children and adults. I was one week into my employment when things started to present themselves to me as odd. A week in, I witnessed a horse tied with his head to his saddle unable to move out of that position. I passed on, not knowing he had been tied in that position all night. I later found out from the owners of this barn that he had been tied like that all night with no access to any food or water. They left this mustang tied with his head to his saddle again that night with no food or water, and he was not the first horse to have this happen, nor the last. Over my time with them, I saw three other horses treated the same way in an attempt to train. Fast forward a month, I watched a client’s horse come in that was young and just needed broke out correctly, but that is not what this two-year-old received. Instead, this horse got saddled first thing in the morning and tied saddled all night for the first week of it’s said “training”, with very little access to food and water. She would be tied and then worked until a sweaty lather and then went back to being tied with no water for at least 3 hours after exercise. She would get a small pail and that was the extent of her water each day. Once she was considered semi broke to where they did not feel endangered, she slowly got fed and watered more, to ensure that there was some kind of weight put back on her so the owners could not cause an uproar. This horse was starved down in order to be broke. One of their very own personal horses was not moving forward enough for them one day and decided she was going to not move at all. When the whips and spur use didn’t work, they resulted to using a hotshot in order to get the horse moving. This was not the only time I witnessed this, they did it again when the same horse bucked one of them off. I also watched them bit horses up when they were not given a response. They bitted them up so much that their mouths would bleed. I also saw that when a horse was doing something they considered unruly, they resorted to whipping them in the face, which the horses later came to be extremely head shy, as well as their faces forming knots and whelps from where they had been beat in the face so frequently. I became very uncomfortable in the environment when I saw the training methods that were being used on horses with hotshots, tying their heads to the saddle, leaving them without food or water, putting them in inhumane bits to gather a response, and beating horses in the head. The abuse of horses is not the only thing that was present, but also the unsafe environment for children. When lessons were administered, they demanded that children be put on horses the age of 3, or even horses that were in for training. There were many times that children would be scared of what they were riding, and they were told to suck it up and continue to ride the unsafe horses. I also witnessed several times injections being given to horses prior to lessons. I am unsure of what was injected, but every time the shots were administered the horses acted extremely mellow and calm. The pay was another thing that was beyond sketchy among the barn. One day, my friends and I were tallying up the number of lessons we had worked that week and trying to figure out what we were supposed to be paid. We both found that we had both been shorted money and that we were paid half of what we were owed. All of the incidents contributed to my leaving this training barn. I went through more leaving as I was met with a hostile attitude from them, along with steady harassment about why I had left. They have a habit of empty threats about calling law enforcement and filing lawsuits when they are met with any kind of scuffle from clients, parents, employees, or the general public. The horse abuse amongst this barn is extremely real and it is a place filled with dangerous acts for all involved.
Incident Area: Lubbock, TX, 79416
Incident Date: 2/5/2024 12:40:00 PM